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4 Tips for Grilling Safely This Summer

A Summer Tradition Along with camping trips, days at the beach, and mowing your lawn, another staple of summer is grilling. Cooking outside with a grill is a great time to socialize with friends and family. Parties are built around a cookout where everyone can enjoy...

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7 Ways To Conserve Water At Home This Summer

Essential Tips to Save Water and Lessen Your Family’s Environmental Footprint This Summer In the summertime, everybody tends to use more water which results in a higher utility bill. To combat this, we have listed some strategies that you can easily implement to...

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Why You Should Test for Radon in Your Home

An Unseen Killer Radon is an element that naturally occurs in nature, but that doesn't mean it is harmless. Radon is rated the number one cause of lung cancer for those who do not smoke cigarettes. For those who do smoke, radon exposure can drastically increase the...

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How To Organize Your Kitchen This Spring

During the bleak, cold days of winter, it is easy to neglect your housekeeping and go into hibernation. Now that spring is here, you may feel overwhelmed and buried in clutter—especially in the kitchen. This year, try a plan that will not only get your kitchen...

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Why You Need a New Construction Inspection on a New Home

A New Construction Inspection Can Save You Trouble in the Future If you were buying an existing home that had already been occupied, you wouldn’t think twice before getting a home inspection as part of the process. You would want to make sure that the previous...

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6 Tips for Better Home Seller’s Etiquette

Why Does Home Seller's Etiquette Matter? If you’re putting your home on the market, chances are you’ve had a pre-listing inspection, cleaned every inch of it, improved your curb appeal, and staged your home to appeal to buyers. Just remember that potential buyers are...

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Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Maintaining hardwood floors is easier than you think! Hardwood floors are among the most beautiful features in your home. Maintaining hardwood floors to keep them as pristine as when you first set foot in your new house can be a challenge – they don’t hide dirt and...

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Keep Your Pipes from Freezing With These Tips

Why is it so important to keep your pipes from freezing? You have a number of options to keep your pipes from freezing during the winter months that range from inexpensive to more costly. No matter what, the goal is to keep cold air from getting in, or if an area is...

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