Machines around the home make life easier, but purchasing appliances is a significant expense in your household budget. Knowing the average lifespans of home appliances will help you to prepare financially for their replacement. Here are a few of the most common household appliances and their typical life expectancies.


The refrigerator is one of the most often used home appliances and one that is costly to replace when it fails. The average lifespan of a refrigerator is about 13 years. Regular cleaning in and around your refrigerator, vacuuming the coils, and maintaining the door seals will keep it working longer.

Ranges Have One of the Longest Lifespans of Home Appliances

Gas ranges will operate for an average of 15 years. Electric ranges may only last 13 years before some components fail, signaling the need for repair or replacement. Your range hood will last about 14 years, on average. Regular cleaning and removal of grease will help keep your range in good shape for longer.


The dishwasher makes meal clean up much easier for busy families. You can expect your dishwasher to last around 9 years with daily use. If you only run the dishwasher a few times a week with a full load of dirty dishes, it will generally last longer. Inspect hoses and clean out the filter regularly to keep your dishwasher in good condition.

Garbage Disposals

The kitchen garbage disposal usually lasts about 9 years. However, if you routinely use the disposal to perform difficult tasks, such as breaking up bones, shells, or hard seeds, this can significantly shorten its lifespan. Periodically, run hot water down the drain and run the disposal to clean the unit and help it last longer.

Lifespans of Clothes Washing Appliances

If you have a large family, your washing machine may see a great deal of use. Washers can generally be expected to last about 10 years. Only wash full loads, make sure the appliance is level and balanced, and clean it as needed.

An average clothes dryer will last about 13 years, depending on how much your family uses it. Regularly clean the lint filter and vacuum the duct to help extend its lifespan.


A home furnace will generally last between 15 and 20 years while heat pump systems last around 16 years. Oil-fueled units can last 20 years. Help your furnace heat your home efficiently and last longer by changing the HVAC filters as recommended and scheduling regular inspections and maintenance.

Lifespans of Home Appliances: Water Heaters

Water heaters generally last about 10 years. When you insulate the water heater, it won’t have to work as hard and may last longer than it’s expected lifespan. You should also flush the unit annually to remove accumulated sediment.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners were once a luxury, but are now found in many homes for climate and humidity control. An air conditioner will usually last about 15 years. However, in warmer climates where it is used on a more consistent basis, the lifespan may be decreased. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning or changing filters and lubricating parts can help to extend the life of your unit.

Even if you purchased a newly built home, you’ll eventually spend money replacing home appliances. Keep these life expectancies in mind so that you can make more informed decisions about whether to repair an appliance or purchase a replacement.

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