Clean drinking water is important for good health. There may be contaminants even in the municipal water supply, causing us to wonder if there is any way to get safe water at home. Fortunately, it is possible to treat your home’s tap water with water filtration systems so it is safer for your family to drink. Install a filter that is designed to remove contaminants specific to your water source to give your family cleaner drinking water.

Types of Water Filtration Systems for Your Home

Activated Carbon Home Water Filters

Charcoal filters do a great job of removing larger particles like chlorine and sediment from the water. The water passes through a chamber filled with charcoal that “grabs” the particles and keeps them out of your drinking water.

This system has other added benefits. First, removing the solids from water reduces the wear on gaskets, aerators, and other parts of the faucet. This extends the life of these components and reduces the likelihood of leaks. Second, a charcoal filter does an excellent job of removing odors from water, so a water source with an unpleasant odor can be refined using a charcoal filtration system.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

The key to any good water filter is that it captures contaminants. Reverse osmosis systems are very effective in this respect. They force the water to pass through a fine membrane that is specially designed to capture pollutants like sodium, chloride, copper, chromium, and lead. When the water comes out on the other side, it is pure and safe.

Reverse osmosis filters are even more effective when you choose the finest mesh. The filter’s membrane determines how fine the particulates will be that are filtered, with a minimum size as small as .001 microns.

Water Ionizing Filters

Ionizing home water filters direct the water across two metal plates with opposing electrical charges, known as an anode and a cathode. The charges cause the water to separate into alkaline and acidic streams.

The alkaline stream is diverted toward faucets for drinking and bathing. Supporters of alkaline water claim that it is better for your health and makes your skin smoother. The acidic water is used for cleaning applications; with its lower pH, it is believed to enhance cleaning performance.

Water Filtration Systems with Infrared Technology

Infrared filtration is another way to purify water. Instead of using the charged anode and cathode, these water filters use infrared light to create alkaline and acidic water and to kill bacteria. From there, the process works much the same way as ionization.

Both ionization processes are effective in areas with hard water. They help soften the water and make it friendlier to skin, laundry, and the palate.

We all would like to have pure drinking water with few contaminants. Home water filtration systems remove contaminants so that your family has safer, cleaner water. When choosing a water filter, understand your local water source, and then choose the system that will work best to give you pure water.

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