A New Construction Inspection Can Save You Trouble in the Future

If you were buying an existing home that had already been occupied, you wouldn’t think twice before getting a home inspection as part of the process. You would want to make sure that the previous homeowners had kept up with any maintenance issues and ensure that there wouldn’t be any surprises waiting for you after closing. Many people, however, are tempted to forego the new construction inspection or new construction phase inspection when purchasing a brand new home. We tend to think that “new” means “perfect”—but there are a whole host of reasons to have your newly constructed home inspected.

New Homes Can Have More Problems

You may not be aware of it, but newly constructed homes tend to have more defects than homes that have been lived in previously! This could be because of construction errors or a rush job; regardless, it’s important to have the home inspected while it’s being built and just before your final walkthrough with your builder. This way you can find out about defects well before they become real problems that require more invasive testing and repairs. These defects can become more significant and complicated over time, and you may only begin to see signs of the problems after your one-year builder’s warranty has come and gone.

Something Will Be Overlooked

Regardless of how thorough your builder is, it goes without saying that something can be missed during the construction process. There are so many contractors, sub-contractors, and others at work on building your new house that it’s likely that no matter how well all the different pieces work together, one piece or another may be out of place. This is why you want to hire a home inspector for a new construction or a new construction phase inspection: to provide you with an objective, 3rd party inspection of the building before all those pieces are fully in place, possibly covering up defects behind, underneath, or above them.

New Construction Phase Inspections to Catch Issues Before They are Covered

While a new construction inspection is performed prior to the buyer’s final walkthrough with their builder, a new construction phase inspection is performed at different phases throughout the building process. Some home inspectors will inspect the building at more frequent intervals than others, but the purpose is still the same—to find defects before they are covered up by the builder’s work and have the chance to become even more significant issues. For example, before the drywall is in place, your home inspector might discover faulty wiring before the walls are built up around it, which would result in you having to take more intense and invasive actions further down the road once your new home is complete.

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