When dealing with pesky mosquitoes in your yard, it is important to eliminate what lures them in. Mosquitoes can pass harmful diseases to both humans and pets if they aren’t eradicated from the area. Below you’ll find methods and tips to remove and repel mosquitoes from your property.

1. Repel Mosquitoes Using Screens

Fine mesh screens not only prevent mosquitoes from entering the house, but they also work as a great barrier for other insects. If you have screens on your doors and windows, inspect the screens for rips and holes. Also, look for openings around the edges of the screens. The edges may pull away from the screen frame over time. Replace any damaged screening.  Adding screens to an enclosed porch helps keep mosquitoes out of your living areas.

2. Remove Standing Water from The Property

Standing water is like a magnet for attracting mosquitoes. Mosquitoes depend on water to reproduce, so removing the water takes away their breeding grounds. Inspect the property carefully and remove buckets, cups, and any other containers that hold standing water. After a rain, dump excess water from containers around your yard.

Also, pay attention to gutters. Clogged gutters often go overlooked and are areas that collect standing water. Cleaning gutters on a regular basis reduces the number of mosquitoes around the property.

3. Trim Excess Vegetation

Trim excess weeds, grass, and other types of vegetation to decrease the mosquito population on your property. Mosquitoes love cool and damp areas, so if you have big overhanging tree limbs or plants on your property, mosquitoes will stick around. Trim large shady trees and other plants to help repel mosquitoes.

4. Use Citronella Candles to Repel Mosquitoes from Your Property

Use citronella candles to repel mosquitoes from your property without the use of harsh chemicals. Citronella candles work to repel mosquitoes through their smell. The candles are multipurpose; they work as both mosquito repellent and a lighting source. Tiki torches with citronella oil work well when scattered throughout the yard and porch area to create a barrier.

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