A Newly Constructed Home is a Big Investment

You’ve decided to take the plunge and have a new home built from the ground up. You bought some property, hired an architect to plan your home, and selected a general contractor who you trust. There is no denying that a newly constructed home is a sizable investment. You expect it to be well-built, safe, and functional. The best way to monitor the workmanship of the construction is with third-party new construction phase inspections.

Complete New Construction Phase Inspections for the Best Outcome

There are a lot of moving parts that go into new construction. Your general contractor hires subcontractors to complete different components of the build. It’s not possible for you to vet every subcontractor that works on the home, and there are so many projects going on simultaneously that it is tough for the builder to closely monitor everything. Hire an unbiased, third-party home inspector to inspect the progress during various stages of the build.

Pre-Pour New Construction Phase Inspections

Preparing the site for the concrete to be poured is an important step in the home building process. The site has to be graded properly so that rainwater runs away from the building. Structural beams, rebar, plumbing, and the post-tension cable system need to be checked before concrete is poured. After the concrete pour, you won’t be able to inspect or repair these components easily.

Framing Inspection

Before the drywall goes up, bring in your third-party home inspector for a framing inspection. He or she will inspect electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, joists, wall studs, door and window flashing, the crawl space, and more. Once drywall covers up these areas, they won’t be accessible.

Pre-Final Walkthrough

This service is the last of the new construction phase inspections. Schedule it prior to your final walkthrough with the general contractor. The inspector performs a full home inspection and you can bring up any problems detailed in your report during your walkthrough with the builder.

Your new home is a significant long-term investment. You expect to live there for a long time and take good care of it. Make sure you are getting what you paid for by having new construction phase inspections performed before you move into your new home.

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