Buying a brand-new home can give you a sense of confidence that your new property is in excellent condition from the first day of ownership. After all, nobody else has lived in the home and caused damage or wear. All of the parts and components are new, and you may have even picked out some of the materials with quality in mind.

However, even new homes can have defects related to workmanship or materials. Your builder likely knows this and provided you with a builder’s warranty. The best way to take full advantage of this feature is to order a builder’s warranty inspection before it expires.

Getting to Know More About a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Before learning about the benefits of a builder’s warranty inspection, you need to know what a builder’s warranty is. Each warranty covers different defects and issues, and they each have different terms. Essentially, it covers defects that are specifically related to construction, including workmanship and materials.

This is different in many ways from a home warranty. Read through the terms of your coverage to determine exactly what its exclusions and inclusions are. After reading the warranty verbiage, order a builder’s warranty inspection to take advantage of these benefits.

1. Enjoy Peace of Mind

Without a builder’s warranty inspection, you may have nagging concerns about how well your home was constructed. For example, when you notice a minor issue, such as a small fissure in the drywall, you may immediately wonder if your foundation was not poured correctly. Rather than assume that your home was built properly and with quality materials, it is best to have a professional opinion.

2. Identify Problems Now

Warranty coverage expires on a specific date, but you may not discover some property defects until after that date has passed. For example, a slow plumbing leak might not be discovered for many months or even years. With issues like these, the damage can become more significant over time. Identifying them now helps you to avoid extensive property damage and enables you to take full advantage of your warranty.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

If you identify defects that are covered by your warranty and file a claim right now, the coverage should pay for most or all of the repairs. On the other hand, if you wait until the warranty has expired, the repairs become your financial responsibility. Order a builder’s warranty inspection to determine if a claim should be filed.

4. Think Ahead

You might not have any plans to sell your new home right now, but most people eventually relocate. Some significant defects from construction could remain and prevent you from easily selling the home in the future. For example, an undetected structural or foundation issue may not be revealed until a buyer orders an inspection many years from now.

After you have gotten settled in your new home, it makes sense to check that your property is in excellent condition from the start. Take advantage of the warranty that your builder has provided by ordering a builder’s warranty inspection from a third-party inspector as soon as possible.

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