Maintaining hardwood floors is easier than you think!

Hardwood floors are among the most beautiful features in your home. Maintaining hardwood floors to keep them as pristine as when you first set foot in your new house can be a challenge – they don’t hide dirt and grime well, and they scuff and scratch all too easily. Keep them gleaming and looking as good as new by following the advice we’ve outlined below for maintaining hardwood floors.

1. Vacuuming Hardwood Floors

Use the correct attachment when vacuuming – it’s the one with soft bristles – and be sure to do it often using the bare floor setting. You can also use a broom to sweep your floors, but be sure it’s not too rough. Wet mopping should be avoided, but you can use a dry mop made of microfiber to pick up particles that might scrape your floor’s finish.

2. Mind your Shoes

Remove your shoes before entering your house. If this isn’t your style, make an effort to at least remove cleats and shoes with damaged or spiked heels, as these can cause the most harm.

3. Keep an Eye on your Pets

Trim your pet’s nails and clean their paws. Pets are prone to tracking in dirt and materials that can scratch and stain your floors. Carefully clean up any stray pet hair since it can damage your floors as well!

4. Cover Them Up

Use rugs and other floor coverings, especially in high-traffic areas.

5. Pay Attention When Cleaning

If something spills, lightly moisten a cloth and gently wipe up the mess. You can also use a cleaner made specifically for hardwood floors, but be sure to read the directions carefully! You’ll want to make sure you’re using it correctly and on the appropriate materials. Beware of harsh soaps and silicon-based cleansers, and be sure to dilute if called for.

6. Tricky Spills

If you spill wax or if something tough like chewing gum ends up on your hardwood floor, harden it with an ice cube. Gently remove the hardened material with a credit card and use a soft, slightly dampened cloth to finish cleaning the area.

7. Use Protective Pads

Place protective pads under heavier pieces of furniture and use self-adhesive cushions and felt pads on chair and table legs. Be sure to avoid sliding furniture when moving it, as this is sure to cause scrapes and scuffs!

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