When working with an architect and builder to design your new construction home, you have the opportunity to add custom features. Think about your goals and needs for your new home and how you can achieve them through the design. Here are 5 popular features to consider for your new home.

Oversized Garage

While a garage is intended for parking cars, you likely want to use it for other things as well. Garages offer valuable storage space and a place to complete projects. If you think you will use your garage for multiple purposes, ask for an oversize garage. This way, you’ll have plenty of space for your cars, storage, and activities.

Consider Vaulted Ceilings for Your New Home

Tall ceilings make a home feel more spacious and open. They add brightness to the rooms by allowing space for larger windows. You’ll enjoy living in a home with vaulted ceilings and they will be a valuable asset if you decide to sell the home one day. You may have to give up an attic, but with a garage and basement, you will still have plenty of storage space.

Built-In Lights on Exterior Stonework

The stonework on the exterior of the home’s walls, steps, and patios, provides a classic look. To highlight this feature and illuminate the exterior of your home, request lights that are built into the stonework. It’s difficult to add the same type of built-in lighting after the home is completed, so it needs to be done during construction. Add lights to the front faces of steps, the perimeter of patios, and along stone pathways.

Smart Home Features to Consider for Your New Home

You can add smart home technology at any time, but you may as well have it installed while the home is being built. Smart entertainment systems, security systems, and home management systems all add to the convenience of everyday living. Your builder will be familiar with this request, as smart home systems are growing in popularity.

Outdoor Living Area

When building your new home, don’t skimp on the outdoor living space. If you want a backyard deck, make it large and partially covered. A wraparound front porch is a great addition if you want to feel connected to your neighborhood. A screened-in porch is another great option, particularly if mosquitoes are a problem during the warmer months.

Your newly-built home is a big investment, so put a lot of careful thought into the features you choose. Hire a home inspector throughout the construction process to evaluate the quality of workmanship.

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