No matter the type of pest in your home, they are a nuisance. Termites cause structural damage, rodents gnaw on electrical wiring and insulation, and ants invade the pantry. Pests are destructive and unsanitary. To keep your living spaces healthy, here are some tips to make your home unappealing to pests.

Regular Cleaning will Help Make Your Home Unappealing to Pests

Open food containers and unwashed dishes will attract ants, mice, rats, and fruit flies. Most animals have a good sense of smell and are drawn to leftovers and food scraps in your home.

Take the time to wash your dishes immediately after eating. Wipe down countertops and sweep the floor to remove any traces of food. Store ingredients in airtight containers and make sure to roll and clip bagged food items like tortilla chips and bread. If animals can’t find food, they’re less likely to spend time in your home.

Eliminate Standing Water

Many types of insects need water to survive. Mosquitoes breed in standing water and termites prefer damp and rotting wood. Look around the exterior of your home and remove any containers of stagnant water. Clean the gutters, empty pet bowls, and dump the water from buckets and planters to discourage mosquitoes.

Inside the house, make immediate repairs to plumbing and roofing leaks. Water will damage building materials, making it more appealing to termites and threatening the structural integrity of your home.

Seal Gaps

Gaps and cracks around windows and doors provide easy access to insects and rodents. Seal openings with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent pests from entering your home.

If you open the windows during warm weather to enjoy the breeze, make sure your screens are in good condition. Repair or replace window screens with rips or holes.

Take Out the Garbage to Make Your Home Unappealing to Pests

Most people throw food scraps and food wrappers into their garbage cans where the odor will draw the attention of insects and rodents. To help keep pests out of your home, take out the garbage on a regular basis. Rats and mice will learn about your trash can, and once they have identified a source of food, it’s difficult to remove them from your home.

Also, consider starting a compost pile to dispose of food scraps outdoors rather than in your trash. As a bonus, you can use the compost to help fertilize your garden and your indoor plants.

Keep Wood Away from the Home

Wood stored near the home will attract termites and other wood-destroying insects. It also provides a welcoming habitat for mice and squirrels. Move firewood away from your home. Termites prefer damp wood and if they infest the lumber pile, moving into your home might be the next step.

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