As temperatures rise, most families are ready to get away for a summer vacation. While you will need to pack before you catch your flight, preparing your home for vacation is also essential. A little effort ahead of time protects your property and helps you return home to a comfortable and clean space.

Take Care of Lawn Maintenance

An obvious sign that nobody is home is an overgrown lawn and unkempt lawn. As you prepare for vacation, don’t forget to mow the lawn or schedule lawn service. Trim shrubs around windows and doors to eliminate potential hiding spots for burglars. If you will be gone for longer than a week or two, hire someone to maintain the lawn while you are away.

Lock Up to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

In addition to making your home appear occupied, lock up carefully before heading to the airport or hitting the road. As you leave for your trip:

  • Lock all external windows and doors, including the deadbolts.
  • Secure the garage and put the garage door opener in a safe spot until you return.
  • Never hide house keys under doormats or in other obvious spots.
  • Turn on security cameras and motion-activated lights around your property.
  • Test the security alarm.
  • Ask a neighbor to check on the house every couple of days.

Clean Out the Refrigerator

You don’t want to return to a kitchen that smells like rotting food. When you prepare your home for vacation, throw away food that will mold or spoil before you get home. Don’t forget fruit or potatoes in your pantry or the counter. Anything that can be frozen, like meat or fish, should be placed in the freezer.

Prepare Your Home for Vacation: Pause Mail and Deliveries

When you prepare your home, contact the post office and other carriers like UPS and FedEx to pause deliveries. Pausing deliveries is as simple as completing the free form on each website. If you cannot stop a specific delivery, coordinate with your neighbors to have someone pick up the package. Don’t let newspapers, boxes, or mail pile up outside the door while you are gone. A stack of unclaimed mail alerts a burglar that no one is around to collect the mail.

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