Moving is time-consuming, and there is a lot to coordinate. However, while there’s much to do, including hiring a moving company, packing, and hauling your belongings to your new home, it’s essential to know who to notify when you move.

This moving checklist will help you notify the right people and agencies as you plan a move to a new house.

Essential Services to Notify When You move

Postal Service

The postal service connects communities and delivers important mail between people and service providers. Fortunately, notifying the postal service when you move is as easy as updating your address online. The only requirement is a valid email address and debit or credit card, as the service charges a $1.10 fee.

While you need to fill in only your details if you’re single, you’ll have to select the ‘entire family’ checkbox if there are multiple people who receive mail at your address. Do this about a week before you move, so there’s enough time for the change to take effect before you move.

Tax and Social Security Services

The IRS and Social Security Administration are also some agencies you must notify when you move. Updating your address allows efficient correspondence, ensuring that you get your tax returns and social security benefits with no delays.

You can notify Social Security Services by submitting an online change of address request. To notify the IRS when you move, you can either:

  • Change your address to the new one when filing your tax returns
  • Complete form 8822 available on the IRS website and send it back
  • In writing, where you provide your full name, old and new address, SSN, ITIN, or EIN, and your signature

Typically, it takes four to six weeks for the IRS to process a change of address request, so doing it earlier ensures the process is complete before you move.

Utility and Service Providers

These agencies are essential for daily life, so they’re among those to notify when you move. Before moving day, talk to your utility and service providers and tell them when you’ll be in the new house.

Arrange for service to stop at the end of your moving day. You’ll have the services you need while moving, like heating and electricity, and utilities won’t continue accruing bills after you’re gone.

Similarly, schedule services to start on the day before your moving day at your new home. Other than gas and electricity utility companies, others to notify when you move include phone, cable and internet, sewer, recycling, and garbage collection companies.

Notify Insurance Companies When You Move

Update your address with all insurance companies you do business with. This includes health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and homeowners or renter’s insurance.

Besides the agencies and companies above, it’s also good to inform your employer, bank and credit card company, debtors, colleagues, and family members of your impending move. Similarly, change your home address on any recurring subscriptions you may have.

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