One of the main steps to selling your home is making an online listing. Real estate websites are often the first place that potential homebuyers look. Here are 5 tips for listing your home online.

Stage the Home

If your home is empty, hiring a staging company to make it appear more welcoming is a worthy investment. A staging company provides attractive furnishings for your empty home and an interior designer arranges them. Staging the home provides a neutral and tidy living space that appeals to a wide range of people. Homebuyers will be able to imagine living in a home that has couches, beds, and tables more than a completely empty house.

If you’re still living in your house, it doesn’t make sense to bring in all new furniture. However, de-personalize the space by putting away items that won’t resonate with the buyer like family photos. Keep the house clean and organized, the beds made, and declutter items from all surfaces.

Highlight the Advantages When Listing Your Home Online

One of the best ways to learn about the advantages of your home to highlight is to order a home inspection before you list it. A pre-listing inspection will provide you with a comprehensive report on the condition of all the components of the house. If the house has a fairly new roof in great condition, highlight this in the listing. If you remodeled the kitchen with all new stainless steel appliances, custom cabinets, and quartz countertops, include it in the description and display multiple detailed photos. Potential homebuyers will focus on the appealing parts of your home if they are marketed correctly.

Have Professional Photos Taken

Taking quality real estate photos is harder than it sounds. You need more than a good camera. The slightest variation in camera angle can make an indoor space look more spacious or tight and closed-in. Lighting can also be tricky. Quit struggling to take good photos and just hire a professional real estate photographer. They know all the tricks to get the best-looking photos of your home.

Include a 3D Tour When Listing Your Home Online

Ask your photographer if they have a 360-degree camera and can put together a 3D tour of your home. A 3D tour allows viewers to “walk-through” the house digitally and rotate the view to look around and zoom in. Homebuyers appreciate this feature, especially those who don’t live close by and cannot easily visit the house physically.

Share on Social Media

Your agent will share the listing with their network to get potential homebuyers interested, but you can also share it through your own social media channels. Spread the word that you are selling your home and your friends may share the listing with their friends who are looking. You might even have a social media follower who sees that you’ve shared it and decides to take a tour.

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